Our patients testify, "I can't believe we got all that done in a session."

Our value packages are meant to save you a little dough while you get the consistent treatment regimen you need. Packages do not expire and can be shared amongst family and friends. (After all, you will feel great, and so should the people you care most about!)


Treatment Packages

1 Visit  –  $150

4-Pack  –  $580

6-Pack – $840

10-Pack  – $1300

90 minute session – $225

Quick Tune-Up (30 minutes) –  $85

We will do everything we can to best help you, but if you are not satisfied with your treatment, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.


NO pressure. Just answers.

20 for $20 Discovery Session



We understand the challenge of finding the right solution. That’s why our discovery visits are 20 minutes for $20.

Are you sick of no one truly listening to what is going on with your body? This is your opportunity to receive expert advice on your aches and pains. Discover what may be causing it and the solutions available to you.

 Like getting a sample at the grocery store, get a “taste” of what we do here. This clinic is NOT similar to other physical therapy clinics.


Here are some of the questions we can answer:

  • Why am I hurting?

  • How do I fix it?

  • Do I need surgery?

  • Can I be pain-free?

  • Is something torn?

  • Why have I been suffering for a long time?

  • Can I get back to how I was before?

  • What options do I have?

  • Why isn’t it getting better?

  • Why has everything I’ve tried not worked?