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Open Position

Physical Therapist

Are you a young physical therapist that recently graduated? Are you currently working for a clinic that does not inspire you? Do you want to take a quantum leap in your clinical and communication skills and be excited about what you do? If you said YES, please continue reading.

The sole purpose Empower Movement Physical Therapy exists is to help people in pain get back to doing what they love.

As a physical therapist we can have substantial impacts on individuals quality of life. Do you feel like your skills aren't adequately being utilized in your current position? Is your current position not fulfilling you? Don't let your current position decrease your quality of life. 

Our clinic nutures an environment that encourages growth, happiness, and creativity as a physical therapist. 

We strive for the opposite of PT "burn out"; we get the privilege of working on our patients usually for a full hour that is a one-on-one basis. 

What you need to bring to the plate: Having a natural ability with your hands is a must. This is not a clinic that we throw our patients on a bike in the corner or exercises their entire session. This clinic has a strong manual therapy focus. Having compassion for patients and a natural ability to connect with them is essential to providing the high quality of care we desire. 

I’ve listed just a few reasons why I know this opportunity is gold. If they excite you, I’d recommend you apply to find out more.

  1. We value a happy and healthy lifestyle.

  2. Our clinical training is undeniably one of the best. You will learn more in 2-3 months of training then you did in 6-7 years of school. This is the quickest path to becoming an expert sports therapist.

  3. None of what we do is outdated. We are always on the cutting edge of treatment, communication, and business

  4. Our primary client population ranges from high level athletes to successful active adults

  5. Your creativity, passions, and interests matter to us

  6. We’re not about the quantity of patients but the quality of service

  7. We provide a genuine, fun and silly environment

These are just a few reasons why I know this can be a life-changing opportunity for the right person.

If you believe it is you, please apply today. I hope to see you for an interview.

Your journey starts here.


We're growing fast and always looking for TOP talent.



Client Experience Administrator


Another day has passed. Work is done and it's time to go home. Remember the excitement you once felt when you first landed the job? Well now, it's okay. You sort-of like your job. And the admin duty you have is decent. 

Of course you're keeping your eyes open for opportunity. You know you have so much potential and you just need that right environment ... a fresh start and some new energy.

IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE... we're exactly what you're looking for. 


A+ skills in admin, customer service experience, and very comfortable on the phone

You enjoy:

  • connecting with people

  • talking on the phone

  • caring for people

  • solving problems

  • being healthy

You are:

  • excited

  • sociable

  • cooperative

  • a team player

  • self-aware

  • positive

You have:

  • organizational skills

  • initiative

  • flexibility

  • computer skills