Here at EMPT, we strive to give you the best healthcare experience you’ve ever had! 


1. Evaluation

We are straight-shooters and up-front about the time and monetary cost of your treatment. You will know EXACTLY what you are getting. During this visit, we will perform a thorough movement assessment to determine which symptoms are coming from the actual source of your pain versus symptoms that are just compensatory.

2. Attack

This is where we peel back the layers of YOUR problem. We will set a treatment goal for each session, assessing and measuring your progress to make sure we are keeping you on track. We will specifically individualize your treatment because it is not a “one size fits all” and what works for one person will not necessarily work for another.

3. Solidify the Deal

This is really not rocket science! We execute techniques that work efficiently and will quickly shift directions if a certain technique is not working towards achieving a positive result.

4. Prevention

We strive for long term results- prevention is necessary for keeping an active lifestyle! You take your car in for regular maintenance to keep the engine running, why not do the same for your body?


Still on the fence?

Talk to one of our expert therapists to see if EMPT is right for you!



We offer value packages so you can save a little dough while you get the consistent treatment regimen you need. Packages do not expire and can be shared amongst family and friends.



Initial visit (Evaluation and Treatment)

1-hour Physical Therapy follow-up visits

30 min quick tune-up (existing clients only)

90 minute sessions

Value Packages (4, 6 & 10 packs)



Free Phone Consultation with a therapist

20 for $20 (20 minute session, which we evaluate, treat a bit, its a sampling)

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